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Tell Me More - Janet Mullany I was hoping for Mr. D to be Patrick and all would live happily ever after. The main characters, especially Jo, go trough a lot of dirty TROUBLE, too many for a novel, I felt so bad for her. I didn't understand a few of the heroine's decisions and some scenes switched so fast and I had to go back and read again to catch up.

I thought this story just went from sex scene to sex scene, but then by the end of the book you see how lovely her RELATIONSHIP with Patrick develops and even after all the bad things that happen to them, he's able to forgive her. But why, oh why, did she have to sleep with Mr. D?! And it was stupid of her to go to that dinner, and so many things she could've avoided when she was so happy with Patrick.

Most of the sex scenes are great, some dialogs are really weird and other situations makes the heroine so embarrassed that you wanna scream at her. Tell Me More is a fascinating story but has a lot issues that might disappoint the reader.