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The Devil You Know (The Devil DeVere #3)

The Devil You Know - Victoria Vane Surrender to DeVere!

I'm loving to have the chance to follow this series while it's still being written. I just heard that Victoria Vane (AKA Emery Lee) might be adding 2 more novellas and a spin off! It's so exciting to see it grow book by book. I'm getting addicted to Victoria's writing, it's like a drug.

This third chapter of The Devil DeVere series is a prequel that begs to be told and is imperative to understand the next title. But if it's a prequel, why put it in the middle of the series?

The author made it so this part would be out of context if it would be placed as the first book, so we shouldn't call it a prequel.
The Devil You Know is better described as an episode that will fill us in a story that the main characters wouldn't be able to fully explain or revisit during The Devil's Match. It would be long, might affect the pacing drastically plus we wouldn't have the chance to meet (and relate to) most of the characters that were involved (and fundamental), unless both titles could be told as a full length novel.

It leaves us anticipating the conclusion, but I'm restricted to what I can reveal without spoiling the book for you. I expect a supreme ending for this arc. Her twists are unpredictable and now we got the chance to really comprehend the second part that will follow next. A real treat for DeVere's fans!

Now if you'll excuse me, after discovering some of their secrets, I must go read again the previous two books - and you should too!