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Stolen Destiny - Gabrielle Bisset "Stolen Destiny is a thrilling and fresh paranormal romance novel.

After reading Gabrielle’s debut book, I was curious to what she would come up with next. Turns out that Stolen Destiny has the best elements of Vampire Dreams (also a paranormal title, but not related to this book) and not only that, it’s also dense and entertaining.

The story is very creative and the Aeveren are amazing beings that will leave you extremely curious for more. Varek, Callia and Amon immediately get your attention and show us how it is to live dozens of lifetimes; they’re interesting and it’s impossible to say they’re flat characters!


Give Stolen Destiny and the Averen a chance: it will leave you wanting more and waiting desperately for Amon’s book! Have you read it yet? Are you anxious as I am? I bet!"

Read the full review: http://readingromances.wordpress.com/2011/07/26/stolen-destiny-by-gabrielle-bisset/