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Black Desire - Karyn Gerrard I thought this book had a slower pace compared to Black Lust, Blackthorne Clan first title. I did enjoy that we had the chance to get to know the Thropes and Tristan's father!

Maybe I expected to see some characters that we have seen in the previous novella, but I'm glad we got to meet Tristan, I really liked him! Katrina could have been more explored and I wanted to see more development coming from her. The romance between Katrina and Tristan wasn't as strong as their crave for one another, it's usually how most of the "mate bonds" start. That's why I could see this novella as an erotica story, similar to Lora Leigh's novels in terms of sex scenes.

I believe I know who he next book will be about, it's pretty clear after you read it! And be ready for some minor m/m action - you won't see it coming!

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