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When You're With Me - Wendi Zwaduk I really liked both books. You can consider Over My Head as a prequel novella for When You're With Me. Even both couples have a lot of similarities, and what I enjoyed the most was how honorable and gentleman the heroes were! When you're with me was a bit too long to me and the pacing could faster like the previous novella.

The heroines also had a lot in common, but what made each story unique was the romance between the main couple. Wendi has a very particular voice that is perfect for steamy romances with strong characters. She's able to create scenes where tension builds up to the sky!

I had a great time reading both stories and Wendi Zwaduk has impressed me with her writing. I'll read her next books without a doubt!

Full Review: http://wp.me/p27N1w-1cL