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My Vampire Cover Model - Karyn Gerrard My Vampire Cover Model is a fun and fast read made with a great idea.

Who wouldn’t enjoy to be in Deanna’s place? This novella is involved with romance reader’s dreams and imagination! What if this would be true? What if the fantasy became real? This book creates these possibilities and answers the questions.

Burn’s decision needed to have more consequences, so we could really believe this couple should be together after all, it’s something that deserved a little more space in the book, see them grow. I believe something was missing by the end of the story, like it was lacking problems to resolve or a secondary plot to tie it all together.

I had a great time reading this title and enjoyed it very much. Deanne is the type of heroine we can relate to and Burn is charming, handsome and dirty (more than) enough to fall in love with.

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