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Wicked in Your Arms - Sophie Jordan Grier has big, fat, and fancy dowry, while Prince Sevastian...Well, he's a prince. What I didn't tell you is that Sevastian needs money and an heir, while Grier needs a title. Their first meeting can be very well described as total chaos. There's gossip, people spying, drinks (and then an empty glass of lemonade) and both of them are very cruel to one another.

Now, I have to say how much I love the name of this series and this book cover! It's an incredible cover that made me want to have a big poster glued in my wall like a teenager. Then I started to read the blurb and all the other information and there was it: Forgotten Princesses ! Okay, I know I'm a romantic that loves Disney movies and princesses, but come on! It's a very interesting name that leaves you wondering...

After reading the blurb I though "okay, this will be a book that everyone knows how it's going to end, but HOW they'll do that...Sounds like they'll get in trouble and I'll have a lot of fun reading it!". Those were my expectations.

It's a fun, funny and loveable title. You'll spend the whole day/night reading non-stop until it's over! Especially if you are a romance junkie like me. Take the day off to read Wicked In Your Arms by the talented author Sophie Jordan.