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Time of the Fairies: Afterlight, End of the World - J. Corsentino, Donny Ha Corsentino, Elizabeth Maxwell Time of the Faeries is such an ambitious project! Congratulations, J. Corsentino for all the hard work!

The images are gracefully treated and the story is very cohesive, presenting great fantasy elements. The concept and production are satisfying together. Some of the images are a mix of photographs and heavy editing while others are illustrations with a strong photography setting. As I didn’t read this in print, I could find some editing flaws when defining the bodies of the models. I don’t know if that would be visible in print, but the eBook version can distract you with a couple of them if you’re into details.

I also found some problems with the plot. The pacing wasn’t good and the writing could be a little better. Another negative issue that bothered me was the visual edit of the text, aligns and spaces could have been better used. I believe the second part of this story won’t present such issues, as there was clearly a lot of care and dedication to it! And yes, it can be better and I have faith in it! I love how the important names stand out, it’s very important to the reader.

Time of the Faeries is an impressive artwork and incredible graphic novel. Beautifully done!