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Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue - Stephanie Laurens So, so, so GOOD. I loved the adventure and the "unexpected" love!

Heather is a very likeable but flawed character. She believes that having a career and being independent would be all she would ever need, and her plan was settled, until she goes on a "journey" with the most famous rake of the ton! I felt like punching her in the face for her stubbornness. Breckenridge only starts playing the rake part by the middle of the book, when he tries seducing her, while SHE does all the job. He thinks "Hmm..I should seduce her" meanwhile she's already there by his side in his arms...Who's seducing who?

The secondary characters are amazing, especially The Lady. She's lovely, bright, and gives the enough support for the main couple's love to grow. The story developed well, although I didn't feel like the villain was much of a theat. It was amazing to watch Heather and Breckenridge's interact, but I found myself thinking why he couldn't explore more ways of making her marry him, when I could think of many more. Anyhow, she wouldn't accept them anyways!

Would I recommend it? YES. Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue is very exciting and kept me interested till the end.

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