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Paradise 21 - Aubrie Dionne Paradise 21 is a great sci-fi read. Aries is a strong and independent heroine in a time when people don't get to choose their future. What matters most is to continue the species till they find a new word to live in. Computers and DNA decide the how the lives of the last humans should be.

Earth has such elevated levels of radiation that humans had to leave it behind and look for a new home, but not all of them could escape. I found it fascinating to discover bit by bit how they got there, in this situation. And even more interesting is how they deal with the problems and obstacles they find on their way. I love reading about new cultures and possible "end of the world" scenarios.

I thought that the author had a few difficulties to keep a linear story. Switching between characters often can make the readers tired, so I would pay attention to that. I had a good experience reading this book and recommend it to other sci-fi fans like me. You'll enjoy this story, I could totally picture it as a Star Trek episode!

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