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Boyfriend From Hell - E. Van Lowe Boyfriend From Hell is definitely sweet, cute and fun. I loved how it focused on the mother-daughter relationship and on both of their 'BOYFRIENDS'. Also, the pop elements were (very well) used with a lot of humor!

It's a fast paced read with a lot of action and of course, romance! I don't usually read YAs, but the main reason I chose this title was for the fun blurb and atmosphere it has around it. The cover, the editing, the tone, everything seems to relate to each other and leave us with an idea of how the characters will develop.

This author has a terrific tone; created a fresh storyline and an entertaining plot. You'll not be disappointed- I was surprised by this bright jewel. A light reading for your summer afternoon!

Note: This is the first book of the Falling Angel trilogy.

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