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In Total Surrender - Anne Mallory Interesting plotting and development. A unique and delightful new approach to a historical romance novel!

I have to admit that I had some trouble with the first chapters, where we only get the hero's POV. After we start to see thing through the heroine's perspective you won't be able to stop reading! Phoebe is very daring and has an incredible strong way to voice her opinion, it made the story feel fresh and you never knew what she would come up with next! It isn't very believable according to the context but so fun you'll totally forget about it! I believe she didn't have a major development through the story, that was heavily the heroe's job. And oh boy, he had so much to deal with!

Mallory could have explored a few situations further, extending the trip scenes and perhaps creating new problems for the characters during that. I was also expecting the sex scenes to be a little more detailed since the tension between the couple got better and better! I did feel like the end was rushed, but I was VERY surprised with the secrets in this story and how they were delivered to the reader.

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