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The Norse King's Daughter - Sandra Hill I had so much fun reading this book!

The Norse King's Daughter is written with viking expressions and slang, which is a bit weird at first but you after a few characters you're immersed into their world and forget if you ever had any difficulties with it. I fell in love with the main couple and how their story was told. The journey they go through and all the years that pass between them only makes the plot stronger, however, the heroine had a somewhat too easy surrender in my opinion. The pacing was simply perfect and some of the detailed scenes about plants and flowers were never boring! I also liked how the author described the setting.

I hope we have a book about Ianthe and her HEA, but I have a fair hint about what will happen to her next. I'll absolutely read the previous books of this series as Sandra Hill's writing has captivated me.

Full ratings: http://readingromances.wordpress.com/2011/10/04/sandra-hill/