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When You Wish Upon a Duke - Isabella Bradford When You WIsh Upon a Duke has a very natural, although anti climatic, story romance readers will appreciate.

The lack of a proposed obstacle in the beginning of this novel doesn’t necessary mean that our perfect pair won’t be facing some issues later on. It seems like a realistic point of view to see how marriage doesn’t mean happily ever after. I truly admire when an author focuses on how the characters react to such a big transformation in their lives. There were a lot of clichés in this story, but I gave it a chance to see how their marriage would work out.

At first I though the issue might be the heroine who wants to be “alpha” or an old school hero, but I was wrong. I enjoyed how fluid the plot developed. Isabella Bradford had opportunities to show more depth when it comes to the characters, and the overly detailed scenes almost crossed the line of “TMI”. I expect her next books to be very promising.

It doesn’t leave the door open for the next book in the series, so you might read it as a standalone without feeling guilty for not reading the rest of the series. The introduction for the next heroines were brief but didn’t make me eager to read their stories.

Overall it’s a soft, charming and sweet book, with the problematic focused on the characters, their love and relationship.

Full review: http://reading-romances.com/review-when-you-wish-upon-a-duke-by-isabella-bradford/