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Vampire Dreams (Victorian Erotic, #1)

Vampire Dreams - Gabrielle Bisset Gabrielle's writing is focused on actions and dialogs, making it a fast paced read with "OMG" moments.

After the "OMG" moment, when our hero and heroine meet, they get into a weird relationship. What does he want from her? What is she supposed to do? And then, a twist by the middle of the book...

Gabrielle was hiding the gold!Vajilise could've shown up earlier. His appearence was a surprise. I was reading and by the way things were going, I thought it would focus on their feelings for each other and about their decision (I can't tell you more or it would be a spoiler) and suddenly...the sire?! Where did he come from? What does he want? He's got that "Lestat" presence, a mixture between mentor and "maker", emanates fear.

I missed more character description and setting characteristics. It's imperative for the reader to connect with the story. Afterall you'll feel like Vampire Dreams is a steamy surprise you wouldn't wanna miss!

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