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Annabelle, The American: The Real Duchesses of London - Lavinia Kent
"I really liked the beginning of this book but after a few chapters the characters still hadn't captivated me. I lost a bit of interest after the middle of the novella. Also, the plot didn't follow the blurb because Annabelle doesn't seek any sort of revenge. There were too many of characters around and I couldn't feel related enough to care about the hero and heroine's story. What might have caused that is the amount of description through the book, where we could have seen some more action going on!

I believe that it shouldn't be read as a stand alone as you might feel overwhelmed sometimes and with a few questions unanswered. However, the fun and sexy atmosphere, aswell as the need to find some answers, made me read this till the end. I'm happy that I did, cause the ending was great!"

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