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Change of Heart - Jackie Chanel When you start reading Change Of Heart, there's lot of background information there for the first 10 pages. A slow and detailed introduction described by the characters themselves, like they would report in a testimony.

First we meet the story of Anthony, Shayla, Asia and then Jamal but don't exactly know how he'll join the storyline by then. After that each chapter is told by one of those characters, but we feel like we're caught in the middle of the drama and it was a very daring start for a 270 pages long book. I got tired at the beginning and it had a Mexican soap opera feel to it with a touch of baby drama.

I'm not a big fan of the format the author chose to tell this story but the blurb made keep going, and you won't think the storyline is how the blurb described untill a few chapters ahead. Are you looking for a captivating romance with an unusual presentation? You should give it a try!