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All the Pleasures of the Season - Lecia Cornwall I loved reading All the pleasures of the season. It’s a fantastic read and perfect for the holiday season, when we need a quick – and strong- romance book ’cause we simply don’t have enough time to read a full novel!

The romance was very emotional, beautiful and delicious to follow its development. Miranda at first appears as the stubborn lady who wants to please her father and ignore her feelings, a typical heroine, but she reveals her real feelings when Gilbert shows up and she’s conflicted about how her future will turn out. Gilbert is nothing less than a gentleman, although he is presented as a coward and needs a wake up call to decide what it is he truly wants. They both think about the others before themselves, altruistics till the end!

The secondary characters only made me desperately want to read the other books of this series. I’m giving it The Page Turner Award because, obviously, I couldn’t put it down! I recommend it especially to historical romance fans looking for a christmas title this year.

Full review posted here: http://reading-romances.com/all-the-pleasures-of-the-season-review-interview-with-lecia-cornwall-giveaway/