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Almost a Bride

Almost a Bride - Kimberly Llewellyn Almost a Bride had a rather interesting premise that got lost in the middle of way.

The book cover might seem like a romance comedy or a light, funny romance - at least that's what I thought! I was surprised to read an erotic contemporary romance instead. I admit that nor the title or the cover don't relate very well to the story that was told.

I had some trouble to connect with the main characters, and at first I was very curious about them particularly how their relationship would be like. The secondary cast were very superficial in my opinion, I didn't believe in their motivations and how they behaved towards some tough situations, easily manipulated. I also didn't enjoy the direction the story took by the end, I felt like this book could be better told as a fast paced novela. A more condensed plot might make it more exciting without losing it's track.

However, something captivated me so I would read it till the very last page. The plot was fun and I wanted to see where it would lead. The sex scenes were also very sexy and intriguing. Although in the end I thought the conclusion was predictable, I was expecting something different, hoping it would impress me with good surprises.

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